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Cleaners for pressroom, aviation, automotive, marine, and stamping!

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The original commercial/industrial pressroom chemical business, formulating environmentally conscious pressroom products for the printing industry.  Whether its old technology or the latest presses, we have a solution for your professional print cleaning and maintenance needs. From fountain solutions and additives to etching chemicals, we make it all.

Since then, we have branched out into cleaners for aviation, automotive, and marine.  The Super Kleen and its associated product family will keep your fleet cars, airplanes, or motorcycles in show condition!

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About Us

The founders of Pacific Products were instrumental in introducing a line of graphic chemicals that has been the standard of the industry for over 35 years.  Known always for being one step ahead of the industry, they were instrumental in introducing the first Universal Fountain Solution.

Most recently, their recognition came with their innovative work in the area of Alkaline Paper.  When no one else understood what was happening to cause toning, WE were the ones who determined that "Alkaline Paper" was the culprit.  But beyond that, we developed a whole new generation of fountain solutions to combat these problems.  Solutions that were more highly buffered than their predecessors, and with a much higher dilution rate.  Thus, these new fountain solutions were even more cost effective than our own Universal Fountain Solution.

Our goal was not merely to create the best fountain solution possible, but also to help eliminate press, dampening system, equipment, and ink problems in the process.

Our work in this area has brought us recomendations and referrals from the following manufacturers - Halm, ATF Davidson, TOKO, Heath Custom Press, Heidelberg and Sakurai, Diamond Roller Company, Accell Graphics Systems, as well as Printers Ink, America's Best Ink, Spinks, Von Son, and Zip Set.  Each of these companies has recommended the use of our products in conjunction with theirs.

We have worked very closely with Weyerhauser Paper on these alkaline paper problems, and have provided educational seminars for their sales people.  Upon request, we will offer educational seminars in your area!

Soap & Detergent Components-

We also have access to many soap and detergent making components, and have years of experience to advise you.  If you need components such as lye, sodium hydroxide beads, potassium hydroxide, micropearls, caustic soda, sodium hydrate, or glycerin, give us a call for competitive pricing and sound technical advice.

Quality, integrity, and customer service will always be a priority at Pacific Products.  We offer the best in graphic chemicals as well as technical support - back up that dealers and customers need!