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Other Products

Graffitti Remover #15600

Removes Graffitti from painted surfaces quickly and easily... without damaging the surface being cleaned!  Will remove ink from pens, magic marker, and spray paint from metal bathroom partitions, walls, and tiles.

May also be able to remove graffitti from playground equipment and tables depending on type of surface. Works best on smooth surfaces and plastic.  Can be used on a rag or in a spray bottle for quick and easy cleanup.]

Price -

- $12.95, 12 oz Trigger Spray

- $19.95 Quart Trigger Spray,

- $55.95 Per Gallon Jug

Super Kleen #15300

Fantastic multi-purpose cleaner.  One gallon makes 32 gallons of product.  This product cleans oil off concrete (works best on new spills), carpet (for spot removal or the entire job - please test for color fastness!), tile, terrazo, vinyl flooring, etc.  Great cleaner for cars, motorhomes, airplanes and motorcycles (6-8 oz per 5 gallon water),and removes oxidation from these.  Removes bugs from windshields, and is agreat product to add to your washer fluid.  Great for glass and windows when used 1/4oz to a quart of water.  Removes oil and grime from laundry - apply directly to stain, then add 4 oz to wash along with normal detergent.